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Creating a blog post from your site's dashboard

Time to start your blog? Here's the steps on how to start your first blog post!

Creating a blog is a great for everything from creating a community within your site and driving traffic to your site as well.

With these simple steps, you can be on your way to having your own blog!

Step 1: Click the "blog" section from your site's dashboard

You may have some example blog post on your dashboard already depending on what theme you picked. That's totally okay! Simply "select all" and "move to trash"

Step 2: Click on "create a new post"

Step 3: Give your post a title

You'll want to think of a catchy title for your blog post! If you want to take it a step further, make sure your title includes keywords for SEO (Subscribe to my newsletter to make sure you don't miss the SEO articles)

Step 4: Start creating your post! It works just like a word document would.

Use the "add" button to see all of the components you can add to your blog post. Make it unique and stand out for your readers!

  • Image: Add an image to your blog post so people can instantly see what your post is about! Visuals go a long way. Need a place to get free stock images? Check out!

  • Gallery: Add multiple files in an organized way. That way your reader can scroll through the photos that you have

  • Video: Get a video visual going on your blog and keep them coming back for more! Help get your point across with a great video

  • Gif: Who doesn't love gifs? Add one to your blog to add that extra layer of motion to your post!

  • File: Have a file you're looking to share? Add it right in to your blog post!

  • Divider: Add a simple line to your blog post to break up the text. No one wants to reach one long paragraph

  • Button: Create a simple call to action by adding a button to your post

  • Table: Display your data, a schedule, or anything you need by easily adding a table to your post!

  • HTML Code: Here you have the freedom to add anything you'd like to your blog post with HTML code. Simply click and paste and the feature is on your blog

  • SoundCloud: Want your music playing on your blog post? SoundCloud has a direct attachment for you, making it nice and easy!

Step 5: Edit the settings for your blog post now that you have the post written out

Change your display image, edit the author and choose when you want to publish your post all in a few clicks

Head into advanced settings to edit the description and link your other blog posts as "related posts"

Step 6: Edit your SEO settings, making sure your blog post gets the attention of your target audience

SEO can get advanced, make sure you subscribe and follow along to make sure you don't miss the "how to" posts for SEO

Step 7: You can add categories and tags to your blog post. Allowing your readers to sort through what they're actually looking for and get there quickly.

Step 8: You're ready to publish your blog post! Schedule it for a later date or get it published right away. If you need to do more editing on it, simply save it as a draft for later

Need help still? Schedule a free consult with me and we can go over anything you need (:

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