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Getting started with Wix ADI

Ready to start making your own site? You're in the right place.

Wix is the leading platform when it comes to web design. My step-by-step guides will help you build an engaging site that will impress every visitor.

Wix has created a platform that gives EVERYONE the opportunity to create a site. They have the drag and drop feature that allows you to start off simple and you can switch to the editor along the way once you get the hang of it.

"It's user friendly interface made it so easy for me to create my own website!"

Follow these steps to start your journey:

Step 1: Head over to and click the "Get Started" button

Step 2: Create your Wix login.

Login with Google, Facebook, Apple or sign up with your email address.

Step 3: Let Wix know what kind of website you're going to be building.

There's many examples to pick from. If you're not sure which one to pick, you can choose any template still from any example.

Step 4: Enter in the name of your site.

Figure out what you want the title of your site to be. This can also be changed at any time. The title of your site is different than your domain. The title is what will show up on the tab at the top of the website and what your site will be called across search engines.

In this case it says blog, but it will change to whatever site you choose

Step 5: Fill out the following info

Step 6: Choose which interface you'd like to create the website with

Here you can pick between the Wix ADI or the Editor. Wix ADI is an amazing drag and drop platform that allows you to simply and quickly put together a website. The steps we'll follow today will walk us through getting started with the Wix ADI. Stay tuned and subscribe for the Wix Editor tutorial coming next.

The Wix ADI is the perfect start for learning web design. They'll ask you a few questions and get you started with the perfect template for you.

Step 7: Check off the pages you want on your site.

Wix gives you the option to choose from tons of pages for your site. You can have features such as bookings, chat, subscribe forms, online stores, music, and more! Think about the pages you're going to want on your site and check those ones off.

You don't have to worry if you miss a page, you can add pages to your site even after this screen. You're almost done getting the perfect template!

Step 8: Pick a theme that you like for your site!

The right theme is important!

Pick a theme that speaks to you and represents the site you're looking to build. You can change the colors and font along the way in ADI.

Step 9: Choose your homepage design

Wix will show you a few examples of homepages that you can use! If you're not fond of any, you can skip it and design your own homepage with the drag and drop feature.

Step 10: Add other pages to your site

Choose the templates for the other pages you've selected for your site. Wix will show you many examples to pick from all within the theme you chose. You can choose to skip this part and build your pages by the drag and drop feature as well.

Step 11: Time to edit!!

You've made it to your complete template! Now you can fill in all of your info and phots to make the site one of a kind. Stay tuned and subscribe for more articles on how to get your site looking perfect for you now that you have your base template.

I can't wait to see what you're going to create.

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