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How to add products to your Wix website

Ready to add products to your site? With these simple steps, you'll be on your way to adding products to your store!

Step 1: Click the "store products" section from your site's dashboard

When you get into here, there may be some sample products loaded in there already. Wix adds those for you to take a look at and base your own product set up off of those samples. To delete those products, follow these three steps:

Select all of the products, click "more actions", and then hit "delete"

Step 2: Click on "create new products", the blue button in the top right hand corner

Step 3: Choose "physical product" or "digital file"

If you're selling clothing, skateboards, home décor, slime, etc. then you'll want to select "physical product". This will pull up the correct screen for the features you need for your physical product.

If you're selling PDFs, printables, albums, digital artwork, etc. then you'll select "digital files". This will allow you to upload your file and pick your price. When the customer purchases your file, they'll be able to download it after they pay.

Step 4: Click where it says "untitled product" to name your new product

Step 5: Fill out your product information

  • Price: Let your customers know how much your product costs. You can mark whether or not it's on sale and add in your cost of goods that only you will see on your reports

  • Description: Having a description of your product is important. Not only does it let people know the details of what you're selling, but it helps out with your SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Custom text: If your item is customizable, you can add that feature here to gather their customizations

  • Product options: Different sizes, material, flavors, weight, etc.? You can add those here and allow your customers to make their choices

  • Inventory and shipping: Track your inventory here

  • Collections (on the right hand side): Here you can add what collection your item falls under. This will be important to separate your products in your store, as well as help with SEO

Step 6: Click "save" in the top right hand corner and you have your new product added!

Need help still? Schedule a free consult with me and we can go over anything you need (:

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