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Where to find stock images for your website

Not sure where to get quality images for your site? Here's some advice on where to look and what to look for

When you're looking for images you want to make sure of a few important things

  1. The photos/videos you're choosing are available for use

  2. Of course you want to make sure the media relates to your business model

  3. You're picking photos/videos that have the same feel, colors and theme to them

  4. Simple is BETTER. Photos/videos that get the point across, you don't need filler media

Now that you have an idea of what type of photos/videos you're looking for, you can start looking!

Here are some of my favorite website for stock photos and videos

  • - Good for photos and videos! My personal favorite, fast and simple

  • - Photos ONLY, still a great place for some variety

  • - Photos and videos, another great spot to check

If you're looking for icons/graphics, here is two of my favorite sites to use

  • - Completely free icons

  • - The BEST spot for cohesive graphics. All of their graphics have the same feel and style and you can change the colors to make it personal to your brand

Another tip if none of these sites are for you. Head over to and create an account with them (they do provide a free trial). They have TONS of stock graphics on their site available for you to use if you have an account. You can click on the images and download them or edit them to make them even more perfect for your website!

Good luck on your media hunting journey, if you still need help after this article, schedule a free consult and I'd be happy to walk through it with you (:


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