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Social Media Mangement

Connect with your audience.

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Grow your socials,
grow your company

By using social media strategies and implementing
procedures based on the results of extensive
analysis, study of social media trends, and
application of specifics unique to your company, we
are confident in delivering effective results within
your social media channels

1. Increase traffic:

Data will be gathered at the beginning of each month and reviewed. The goal is to have steadily growing traffic using consistent posting and SEO research to target your demographic

2. Increase engagement:

Get your users actively engaging in the content that's being posted. Create a community around your brand and educate them on what you do

3. Increase sales:

Of course with more traffic and more engagement, comes more sales. See an increase in sales and recurring customers as you create your community on social media

Creating a Bigger Online Presence

While there will be other topics covered during social media management, these are the main four components our strategy will be based off of. Content marketing, research, engagement, and measurement will be the key to growing your social media platforms

The main areas of focus when it comes to social media mangement

a circle graph split into four equal sections. Each section stands for content marketing, listening, engagement, and measurement.

Scope of Work

Along the way there will be more added to the task list. These will be main areas within the scope of work. 

Research 01.

Proper SEO research will be done to optimize content and profiles. Competitors will also be researched

Content Creation 02.

The posts will make sure they’re spread out between community management, growth, and content creation posts. Focusing on all aspects of social media at once

Scheduling 03.

The content will be made in advance and scheduled to be released at optimal times of the day

Engagement 04.

This is a crucial part of social media. Without engagement an account will not grow. Consistent engagement will be done on the account

Analytics 05.

We’ll go over where the numbers are at, what’s working and what’s not and adjust the plan accordingly 


Of US adults aged 18-29 say they use social media on a daily basis.

In comparison, 81% of those aged 30 – 49, 73% of the 50 – 64 age group, and 45% of those aged over 65 had the same response

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Social Media Management Portfolio

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