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How to edit the text for your Wix theme

Want to change all of the text on your site at once? No problem! Follow the steps to learn how to change the font, size and color of your Wix site

Making sure the text all flows together on your site is important. You want to pick an easy to read font and don't use more than two different font styles on your site. Keeping the font sizes consistent is important as well

Step 1: Click "edit site" on your site's dashboard

Step 2: On the left hand side, click on the "theme manager" button, then click on "text"

It will pop up with the "colors" section first, just click right over to the text and you'll see all of your heading and paragraph text styles.

Step 3: Click on the one you want to edit and change it to your preferred style

Step 4: Hit apply and you're ready to save and publish your site with the new text

If you still need help changing the text for your theme, schedule a free consult with me and I can walk you through it! Or if you're just sick of trying to do it yourself, I can hop on and help change it for you


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