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How to edit individual text boxes on your Wix site

Need help editing some of the text on your site? No problem! Follow these simple steps to walk you through how to edit the individual text boxes on your Wix site. To find out how to mass edit the text on your site (your theme text), stay tuned for my other blog posts!

Step 1: Click "edit site" from your site's dashboard

Step 2: Find the text you're looking to edit

I know the editor can be overwhelming, don't focus on everything else that's going on, just find the text you want to edit and follow these steps below.

Also don't worry if you mess anything up! Wix has an undo button and keeps a full history of the previous versions of your site. That way if you need to go back to what it used to look like, you can do so with the click of a button

If the text you're looking to edit isn't on your home page, use click the "menus & pages" button and navigate to the page your text is on

Step 3: Once you've found the text you can either click on it and hit "edit text" or double click on the text to automatically start editing it

Step 4: Make any changes to the text you'd like and then you're good to save and publish!

If you need more help with editing the text on your site, schedule a free consult with me and I can walk you through it (:


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